#algorithmicEvil - More insight from the Googleplex

Mike Elgan's excellent Cult of Mac article Why Apple Won't Turn You Into A Cyborg is an excellent exposition of the very different worldviews of Google and Apple.
This quote nails it:

Google is founded on and obsessed by engineering and the power of algorithms to the same degree as Apple is with design.

The operative term here is algorithms. Google revels in the power of algorithms to do things for people - while Apple revels in the power of well-designed devices (that use sophisticated algorithms) to do things with people.

That distinction is the line of demarcation between good (that which improves man's capacity to think, reason and pass judgment) and evil (that which diminishes man's capacity to think, reason and pass judgment). This definition is drawn from John Galt's speech in Atlas Shrugged (further explained here: http://www.heretiq.com/content/algorithmic-evil#).

The bottom line is this is not an Apple vs. Google debate. It is a debate about the moral code of technology development. And whether that moral code recognizes and respects fundamental aspects of our humanity and prioritizes their preservation over convenience and profit.

Apple appears to be on the side of good. Google and Facebook -- not so much.


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